Haiti Companions Board of Directors

Terry FranzEn | President & Board Chair

Terry, an Atlanta lawyer, has travelled to Haiti many times since her first trip in 2007. She serves as the team lead in the pharmacy for our clinics. Terry’s husband, Steve, helps in the pharmacy. Terry and Steve have three “grown” children, one of whom has been to Haiti. The others hope to travel there soon to see why their parents are “so hooked on Haiti.”


Cynthia is a registered nurse and licensed acupuncturist with a longtime interest in global public health. She works in a hospital-based integrative medicine program, providing acupuncture for patients. She is also pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. Cynthia first joined Haiti Companions as a triage nurse in 2012 and has been aiding the mobile clinics since. Her source of inspiration, quoting an Aboriginal activist: “If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”


Beth has over 30 years experience as a lending professional and is a CPA (inactive). She is inspired by the dedication of her friend Dianne Pizey and the Haitian health care professionals of Haiti Companions to help improve the health and quality of life of Haitians who would not otherwise have access to affordable health care. Beth lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children.

Dianne Pizey, MD | CHief Medical Officer

Dianne is a pediatrician in Minneapolis, MN.  She first traveled to Haiti in 2006, to find a parish partner for her church community, St John's in Minneapolis. During that visit, she visited a nutrition clinic in the mountains above Port au Prince, and she felt a calling to provide medical care to the underserved population in Haiti. She was fortunate to meet many mentors along the way, and in 2008 felt ready to start organizing clinics for her partner community. She was thrilled to hand this responsibility over to her very competent Haitian colleagues. Dianne is a great admirer of Paul Farmer and fully embraces his assertion that Jesus had a "preferential option for the poor" and that following him means spending our lives trying to address the inequities in the systems of the world.

Terry Shively, DDS | Chief Dental Officer

TR is a primary dental care  provider living in Spencer, Iowa. He has participated and lead healthcare missions since the early 2000s, in the locations of El Salvidor, the Dominican Republic, Swaziland, southern Africa, Uganda, the USA (Pine Ridge American Indian reservation), and Haiti on multiple occasions. He has found especially inspiring the written works of Dr. Tom Dooley, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Dr. Paul Farmer, Steve Saint and preeminently, the Holy Bible, the latter supplying direction for faith in God as well as the teachings and examples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Robert Rosenthal, MD

Bob Rosenthal is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland Baltimore, and Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Medicine program at the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. Shortly after the Haitian Earthquake, the Shock Trauma Center mobilized a huge armada of medical staff and supplies to travel to Haiti to provide immediate surgical care. Bob's long-term goal is to put the American doctors out of business in Haiti by ensuring Haitian medical professionals to take their place. When asked by friends to describe health care in Haiti, he states, “It’s hot, it’s dusty, it’s sweaty. It’s hard work, my back hurts….but it is the best thing I have ever done.”

Haitian Partners

frantz codio, MD I Haiti Country Director

Frantz was born and raised in Carrefour, west of Port au Prince. He grew up near an American orphanage, where he learned to speak English. He attended medical school at University Lumiere in Port au Prince, where he met his wife, Charenne Pierre. Frantz and Charenne now live in Gressier with their young daughter. Frantz has worked for Hopital Aquin, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, Hopital Lumiere, Heart to Heart, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.  He has been working for Haiti Companions since 2014, first as a medical provider at the twice yearly clinics, and since April, 2016, as Haiti Country Director. . He is currently working on his Masters of Public Health at University of Quisqueya/Cornell University. Frantz chose medicine as a career “to help not only the Haitian people (my people) but the human being entirely.” He is concerned about the lack of medical care in Haiti, and he is hoping that Haiti Companions will build a permanent clinic in Gressier, to improve the health of this community. He is committed to helping to make that dream a reality.


Charenne was born and raised in Port au Prince. Her father and sister are also physicians. She attended medical school University Lumiere, where she met her husband Frantz Codio. Charenne and Frantz currently live in Gressier with their young daughter. Charenne has worked for Hopital Aquin, Doctors Without Borders, Save The Children and Hopital of Port Salut. She has been working for Haiti Companions at the twice a year clinics since 2015, and since May, 2016 as one of the providers at the monthly clinics. Charenne chose medicine as a career because she saw the need for medical care in her country, especially for the patients who can’t afford to pay. Charenne says “It is very peaceful to treat their disease and see the smile on their face when they say ‘Mesi Dokte, Bondye beni ou (Thank-you Doctor, God bless you).’ I feel I did something good with my life.


Evens was born and raised in Leogane, where he currently lives with his wife Elda, a kindergarten teacher, and their two children. Evens was a member of the first graduating class of FSIL School of Nursing in Leogane, where he received his Bachelor of Nursing in 2009. He is currently enrolled in the first Advanced Nursing Program in Haiti, also at FSIL. After receiving his Bachelor degree, he worked for two years in the Human Resources Department at FSIL, as well as working as a clinical instructor. In 2012 he became the Coordinator of Clinical Practicum at FSIL, meaning that he arranges and coordinates the clinical experiences of the nursing students. One of those experiences is assisting at the mobile clinics organized by Haiti Companions.  Evens has also been working for Haiti Companions, visiting the communities of Collin and Jasmin once a month, and coordinating the twice yearly medical clinics. Since May, 2016, he is the Head Nurse for Haiti Companions' monthly clinics. Evens says “I always dream to see a revolution in the nursing care system in Haiti. That is why I make my contribution to improve the change. I’m sure that God can make everything easy for us.”


Stephanie was born and raised in Carrefour, the fifth of six children in a single parent home. She studied nursing at SILOE, where she received her RN degree, and passed the government exam to become a licensed nurse. She has worked for the hospital Manman lavi, and currently for Haiti Companions. Stephanie says that “I chose to become a nurse because I am passionate about helping people who are suffering from medical problem. I thank God and my family who helped me to be a Registered nurse today.”

FENISE Etienne, rn

Fenise was born and raised in a Christian family of six, in the commune of Bainet in South East Haiti. She is currently raising a young daughter. She decided to become a nurse so that she could serve her country and community. She studied at the FSIL School of Nursing in Leogane for four years, and has a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Besides Haiti Companions, Fenise has worked for Save the Children and Johanniter International.


Emmanuel was born and raised in St.Michel de Latalay, where he graduated from Charlemagne Peralte High School. He studied at Centre de Formation Paramedical in Port au Prince. Emmanuel currently lives in Leogane, where he has his own private dental clinic, as well as working with three medical organizations in Archahaie, Lazile and Les Anglais. He also works once or twice a year with six different US medical groups, one of which is Haiti Companions. Although trained as a dental assistant, he has received additional training from visiting American dentists and has become proficient at many dental procedures.