We are making a difference!

Haiti Companions is providing medical, dental and eye care to three communities in Gressier, Haiti. Except for occasional visits by American providers, all of the medical providers are Haitian. Our providers are honored to be serving members of their own community.

By treating every patient who attends the clinics with an anti–parasite medication, we have greatly reduced the incidence of intestinal parasites. We have improved the nutritional state of many, through administration of vitamins with iron and other nutritional supplements. We have been able to provide regular medication and monitoring to patients with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. We have improved the well-being of those suffering from severe stomach acid and ulcers. We have offered relief to those suffering from respiratory illness, and to those with chronic pain. And we have treated many infectious diseases, including malaria. At every clinic, the community receives education about basic hygiene and nutrition. The people who attend our clinics have no other access to affordable medical care. Every three months, a dentist and eye doctor serve at the clinics, the only opportunity for the patients to receive this specialty care.



Medical Director, Dr. Frantz Codio

Dr Frantz Codio is a resident of Gressier, so he was very happy to accept the role of Haiti Country Director for Haiti Companions in April, 2016.  Frantz works very hard to provide the highest quality of care for the three communities that Haiti Companions serves.

Dr Frantz Codio, MD, Haiti Country Director

Dr Frantz Codio, MD, Haiti Country Director